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Our Practice & Core Values

Under the Therapy Pod name, we offer Professional Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, Person Centered Counsellor, a Numerologist and a Reiki Healer. Keen not to overlook any skill that might benefit our clients we also are qualified in Neuro Linguistic Programming and even Tarot Card reading.

Our practices broad skills base has enabled us to write and deliver lectures and courses on topics such as Hypnotherapy, Meditation, Spiritual Development, Assertiveness, Anger Management and more.

Importantly, our team believe that a full understanding of a potential client, along with their problems and concerns, is vital before taking any action to effect change. Accurate assessment before specific treatments are recommended is certainly something that sets our practice a level above the rest.


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Therapy Rooms In Southend

At this present time, Therapy Pod receives clients at the Essex based consulting rooms at Wickford and Southend. If preferred, visits to your home or to other mutually convenient locations are possible by prior arrangement. Some treatments do not require personal consultation and can be conducted at arms length. Please contact the team for up to date details.

NHS Registered Provider

We are an Independent Registered NHS Provider. This means that some treatments can be funded through your local Primary Care Trusts. Please ask for further details.

A Team Who Cares

We offer qualified hypnotherapists whose able to give you back the control you need. From depression, to weight loss, we care about every client journey; and it starts with you.

Certified Experts

With GHSC Registered Practitioners and approved on the Nation Council of Psychotherapists, Therapy Pod offers a full experience that helps you obtain the relief you need.

Practitioners For The Whole Family

As a friendly, approachable therapy practice, we can help with fears and phobias, depression and anxiety or weight loss.


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We are A Full Service Therapy Practice

Would you like to take back control of your life, and feel confident and happy in the process of doing it?  Take advantage of our free consultation and find out how you can take control of behavioural problem and your weight. Most importantly, your confidence will start to grow now that you realise that you can have what you want. 

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We can help you to use the positive aspects of your inner-self to your best advantage. This process will, in-turn, change your negative thought patterns and enable you to tap into those that will enhance, nurture and improve your well-being. The best news of all is that you will not need to rely on drugs or habit-forming medication.

Our therapists are on hand to help.

"Vernon’s skill, patience and insight is more than just his professionalism, it is a gift. Seeking help from Vernon Harris was a gift that I gave myself to be whole and healthy and ready to move forward with my life. It was the right decision to put my trust and faith in him. I can honestly say that I have now found the love for myself that was missing and I am happy! At last I now feel ready to move forward with my life and know that I will be able to cope with it’s up’s and downs from a more open perspective."

Sue Thompson

"I recently lost a lot of weight very quickly, which while being a fantastic achievement unfortunately left me with some serious body image issues.  I was also holding on to past experiences which were stopping me moving on from being the person I was to enjoying and living my life in the here and now.  However, the work I have done with Vernon using insight meditation and self-hypnosis has had a huge impact on how I think about myself and how I live my life."

Deborah Bass

"Truly remarkable as to what can be achieved using his techniques. Although confident before I was clearly being held back by issues from the past and as a result these issues have been released and I now believe in myself and that anything is possible. I have a positive outlook on life and I most definitely am in control to the extent where I am having a positive effect on anyone that I come into contact with including my partner, friends, Family and in my professional life."

Rob Greenfield


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