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About 4% of children in the UK are said to be suffering from emotional disorders such as anxiety, depression and panic attacks. This situation intensifies in every school around the exam periods and Ofsted inspections.

vAs a former Lecturer and Teacher with over 18 years’ experience, I fully understand the challenges of the educational profession. Schools are constantly striving to increase their position in the league tables. Today’s schools are under tremendous pressure to produce good exam results. Students and Teachers alike are feeling this pressure. From the 11 plus right through to Mocks, GCSE, A-Levels and on to University Dissertations, students, even the star performers, are constantly under pressure to produce results.

As a teacher I have always striven to help students achieve their full potential and from my experience, I believe the Educational Performance Programme (EPP) is the perfect tool to alleviate the anxiety of learners in schools, colleges and universities.

The EPP program is designed to help students with their exams by increasing their concentration and confidence using practical and easy steps of mindfulness meditation and guided imagery through a series of workshops. These techniques have been piloted in several schools in the Yorkshire area with Year 11 pupils since 2010, to help them with their GCSE and A level exams, and participants have delivered positive, measurable results. The method is now being used by more and more schools in the Yorkshire area.

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The aim of these workshops is to teach the students simple techniques which will allow them to remain focused and confident in challenging situations, whether that is in an exam situation or in day-to-day life. The workshops also provide guidelines for the development of good study habits.

With learners furnished with these tools and approaching formal assessments with a confident and positive mindset, the benefits become very evident: more confident students, less bullying, less self-harming, less stress-related sick leave – in effect, a much happier environment all round, where our young adults can excel. This in turn has a positive effect on individual results, reflected in improvements in the league tables.

There is a growing realisation that mindfulness as a tool is no longer the exclusive property of the corporate world and that it is never too early to provide tomorrow’s thinkers and leaders with the mental and emotional resilience that can come about from mindfulness. Top level endorsement has come from the Schools and Education Ministers.

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