You can lose weight, eat your favourite foods and feel great!

Consider the following:

At breakfast we often eat quickly and ‘on the run’, trying to juggle the busy morning, feeding the children, getting ready for school and work.

Mid morning we have a drink and a biscuit or two – well, why not, we only had a mouthful of breakfast!

Then at lunchtime, a sandwich and maybe a piece of fruit or packet of crisps.

Finally the evening meal, not forgetting that beforehand you started with a fish finger or spoon of pasta from the children’s leftovers…

Does this eating pattern sound familiar?

Although it happens often, this method of eating is entirely the wrong way round. We need to put energy into the body in the morning and a minimal amount at night. If you eat children’s leftovers before your dinner it is like having a three course meal every night of the week!

By eating a healthy breakfast, nice size lunch and smaller portioned dinner, you will lose weight! And more importantly your will be able to control your weight,

No more fad diets, – in fact, no more diets at all! Just eating healthily and maintaining your weight.

Energy in is less than energy out – the key to losing weight!

So – why can’t we just do it?

Comfort eating is one of the main issues that can sabotage good intentions. A lot of us have at one time or another fallen into this category. For some it is easy to stop and re-focus, for others it is a hard place to get out of.

Many people, men and women who fall into this category learned at a young age that to eat up all their food was ‘being good’ and met with the approval of their parents. This thought or belief sticks with them, and when they feel down, or when someone has had a moan at them, they find that it is food that makes them feel good!

Sometimes over-eating is even used as a way of handling quite traumatic parts of life. If you recognise this in yourself, you have the right to share your thoughts and get the right support to move on.

You have the ability to break those habits and lead a healthy, happy life. Enjoy yourself and eat properly!

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