My Virtual Gastric Band Programme could be the ideal technique for you.

The Virtual Gastric Band (VGB) is a technique developed by Sheila Granger that uses hypnotherapy to create an imaginary band within the stomach.  Sheila formulated this technique in 2010 as a safe alternative to the medical gastric band and one which puts control of the weight loss firmly in the client’s hands.

Unlike conventional weight loss programmes, this does not involve sticking to a strict diet sheet or denying yourself any specific foods.  Rather, the VGB allows your body to determine exactly what is necessary for you to achieve your desired goal weight, shape and size.

The point is that the VGB is controlled by your unconscious mind, therefore, as your body changes, your unconscious mind adjusts the VGB to maintain the correct balance.  Thus, the VGB can shrink or expand according to your body’s needs.

In most cases, a person can lose up to half a stone in the first weeks of the programme, and then one to two pounds per week thereafter.  In my clinic, I have focused more on measurement, rather than weight, because a person can decrease size in inches, but still be at the same weight because of increased muscle mass (muscle is heavier than fat).

One other beautiful thing about this programme is that you choose the foods that are right for your body – so if you have a favourite food, you can still enjoy it, you just have smaller amounts!

Please follow the link to see more about the Virtual Gastric Band programme on video (“Look North” news item).

Video testimonials are also available to view.