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Weight Control

Weight Control – requires the management of what you put into your body.  If you or somebody you care about has reached the point where help is needed, the first thing we need to say is that you can relax – we have all the help you’ll need. The way to deal with such a situation is to eat 3 to 5 times a day, drink lots of water and put less food into your body than it needs so that it will have to use the excess body fat to maintain its energy level throughout the day.

The key to maintaining a healthy weight or to successfully tone up and shape up (attaining successful weight loss) is a healthy eating habit coupled with regular exercise. Saying that, sometimes people still find themselves in need of a little extra help and hypnotherapy is the ideal tool to support such a weight management regime. As well as hypnotherapy providing the psychological tools needed to help you identify and achieve your ideal weight, we will also monitor, support and work with you until you achieve your goal.

NHS Registered Provider

We are an Independent Registered NHS Provider. This means that some treatments can be funded through your local Primary Care Trusts. Please ask for further details.

A Team Who Cares

We offer qualified hypnotherapists whose able to give you back the control you need. From depression, to weight loss, we care about every client journey; and it starts with you.

Certified Experts

With GHSC Registered Practitioners and approved on the Nation Council of Psychotherapists, Therapy Pod offers a full experience that helps you obtain the relief you need.

A New New Perspective On Weight Loss and Dieting

Weight loss and dieting are two words used extensively when we look at adjusting our body image. In our experience, most people are more interested in what they look like when they look in the mirror, and how others see them, than losing weight. Therefore we believe when someone comes to see us for weight loss, they are there to tone up and shape up their body, so that when they look in the mirror they feel good about what they see, which increases their feel good factor and well-being.

That is why we focus their attention on weight management rather than weight loss. And the fundamental question we ask all clients who come to us for weight loss is;

“If you could look in the mirror and see the figure and shape that you desire right now – but still weighed the same – would your weight be a problem?”

Every time we ask this question, the resounding answer we get is “NO”

There are many reasons why a person can gain weight and then allow it to get out of control.  Some impacting factors are genetic, age- and genderrelated and psychological factors, as well as the aftermath of pregnancy, taking medication, illness, or even quitting smoking.  In many of these situations, there can be a degree of underlying emotional stress, which when recognised, can certainly be addressed as part of a holistic approach – there is help at hand!

The most important factor in weight control is: what we put in, we get out.

So, if we put more into our body than it requires, it will simply store the excess as fat.

If you starve yourself or have a very long period of time between meals, your system will go into survival mode, which means that any food you then eat will be stored to create a fat reserve for lean times.

But if you put into the body just what it needs, you will maintain the balance with in your body for stability and harmony.

What Makes Us Stand Out

Therapy Pod are waiting to hear from you. Our dedicated team of therapists are on hand to answer the questions you have. From getting over fears, to sourcing help for a virtual gastric band, our validated practitioners can help.

Vernon Harris

Accredited Therapist

About Vernon Harris

From an early age Vernon displayed intuitive concern and empathy towards those with problems. He is a qualified teacher and lecturer, with over eighteen years experience in higher education. His own life took a dramatic turn in 1975 when he personally experienced the power of hypnosis. This proved to be a turning point and a trigger that set him on a path of exploration. Vernon recalls that discovering the breadth and value of complementary therapies was like opening a door into a bright new world of possibilities.

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As a friendly, approachable therapy practice, we can help with fears and phobias, depression and anxiety or weight loss.


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Would you like to take back control of your life, and feel confident and happy in the process of doing it?  Take advantage of our free consultation and find out how you can take control of behavioural problem and your weight. Most importantly, your confidence will start to grow now that you realise that you can have what you want. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more before contacting one of our therapist? We’ve put together a list of questions that we’re usually asked before our sessions. If we’ve missed your question, please ask the team and we can talk you through how we can help.

Is hypnosis safe?

Hypnosis is totally safe!  As previously mentioned, it is simply a deep state of relaxation that you allow yourself to go into, which you can bring yourself out of at any time you chose.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural state of relaxation that we allow our self to enter into a form that allows ourself to open our minds.

is a profound state of relaxation, which you allow yourself to enter into and during which you experience an altered state of conscious awareness. During hypnosis, the body and conscious mind are in a relaxed, natural state, while the unconscious mind remains awake and receptive to suggestion.

To give you an idea of how hypnosis works we will compare sleep to hypnosis.

When you go to sleep, you are relaxed and generally not aware of what is going on around you.  However, under Hypnosis you’re also in a state of relaxation, but now you are fully aware of what’s going on around you”.


  • Hypnosis originated in the ancient civilizations of India, Egypt and China. It is believed it was first used to bring about an altered state of consciousness during religious ceremonies and later went on to be used for healing purposes.
  • The 18th Century saw the introduction of Hypnosis in the West and by the 19th Century it was being studied by physicians interested in using it as an alternative to unaesthetic.

Hypnoanalysis – Clients suffering from panic attacks, low self-esteem or just ‘not happy with their life’ can benefit from being able to understand more about themselves. This is a particularly effective method of coming to terms with life.

Hypnohealing – The aim of Hypnotherapy is to trigger or speed up one’s own immune system. This should not be attempted until you have first consulted your GP.

Suggestion Therapy – A development of Hypnotherapy that is used to help clients with a wide range of issues including phobias like fear of flying, exam nerves, driving test and also aid things like sports performance.

Can I made to say or do anything against my will?

Absolutely not!!  We all have an in-built survival mechanism that protects us from such situations.  Anything that is suggested that goes against your beliefs, morals, religion, ethics wants or desires will simply be rejected by you.  It is impossible for you to be made to do anything against your will.

How many sessions will I need?

The number of session varies depending on the individual and their issue(s). Some issues many only require one session while others may be up to twelve. Even if an issue seems simple at first it can become much bigger as other areas are uncovered in the treatment. General hypnotherapy cases can take 3 to 9 sessions, while weight loss is dependent on the desired realistic amount of weight reduction required, however to stop smoking can take 1 to 3 sessions. All areas are explored within the first 30 minutes of the initial consultation, which allows for questions to be asked by the client. If we then decide it is not for you at the end of that time no charge will be incurred. From the initial consultation we are usually able to approximate the number of sessions required but ultimately the control is in the clients hands. Each full session last approximately 60 minutes.

Everyone can be hypnotised to some degree, although for some it is much easier to achieve than others. However, as long as you allow yourself to relax, the process can be very successful and enjoyable.

Am I aware of what is happening?

Yes, during the hypnotic state you are aware of everything that is happening at all times and will be in complete control.  However, your conscious mind may not remember everything that was said due to feeling so relaxed, but your unconscious will hear and store everything.  Some people have even reported that they forget some of the experience as it was simply nicer to just enjoy being so relaxed.

Could I get stuck in hypnosis?

No, it is not possible. Even if you where left in the hypnotic state you would simple drift into a natural sleep and in a short while return to your normal waking state, which would probable make you feel as if you’ve just had a daydream.

Is hypnotherapy like stages hypnosis?

They both use the hypnotic state but are different in outcome.  Hypnotherapy is a process in which the therapist works with you to achieve your desired goals, while stage hypnosis is for entertainment purposes only.  Hypnosis is a state of relaxation that you allow yourself to go in to.  Once in that state you choose to co-operate with the person hypnotising you totally, but no one can make you do what you don’t want to do

"Vernon’s skill, patience and insight is more than just his professionalism, it is a gift. Seeking help from Vernon Harris was a gift that I gave myself to be whole and healthy and ready to move forward with my life. It was the right decision to put my trust and faith in him. I can honestly say that I have now found the love for myself that was missing and I am happy! At last I now feel ready to move forward with my life and know that I will be able to cope with it’s up’s and downs from a more open perspective."

Sue Thompson

"I recently lost a lot of weight very quickly, which while being a fantastic achievement unfortunately left me with some serious body image issues.  I was also holding on to past experiences which were stopping me moving on from being the person I was to enjoying and living my life in the here and now.  However, the work I have done with Vernon using insight meditation and self-hypnosis has had a huge impact on how I think about myself and how I live my life."

Deborah Bass

"Truly remarkable as to what can be achieved using his techniques. Although confident before I was clearly being held back by issues from the past and as a result these issues have been released and I now believe in myself and that anything is possible. I have a positive outlook on life and I most definitely am in control to the extent where I am having a positive effect on anyone that I come into contact with including my partner, friends, Family and in my professional life."

Rob Greenfield


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