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Hypnotherapy In Essex

Hypnotherapy isn’t just for helping people overcome fears, phobias, depression or smoking. There is a considerable amount of benefits to hypnotherapy that covers a natural, relaxing style of therapy. With specifically designed techniques, Therapy Pod can offer the ability to live a life free of problems and difficulties.

The techniques carried out at Therapy Pod occur in a state of relaxation which eliminates any side effects other techniques may have. With this style of treatment, we recommend booking a free consultation with one of our therapists to understand exactly how we can help you overcome your life long issues.

Fears and Phobias

As a fully registered NHS provider, we can alleviate your behavioural problems making the changes you deserve in your life. Implementing the changes you need, theres no better time to start than today.

Anxiety and Depression

Don’t let life’s enjoyments be ruined by a cloud of bad feeling. With the right kind of professional help, you can ensure you are alleviated of anxiety and depression. Talk with our experts and get the help you require.

Weight Loss

Our weight management program consists of hypnotherapy with a virtual gastric band, allowing yourself to change your eating habits and the way you think about foods. Get predictable results with our proven technqiue.

What Makes Us Stand Out

Therapy Pod are waiting to hear from you. Our dedicated team of therapists are on hand to answer the questions you have. From getting over fears, to sourcing help for a virtual gastric band, our validated practitioners can help.

Vernon Harris

Accredited Therapist

About Vernon Harris

From an early age Vernon displayed intuitive concern and empathy towards those with problems. He is a qualified teacher and lecturer, with over eighteen years experience in higher education. His own life took a dramatic turn in 1975 when he personally experienced the power of hypnosis. This proved to be a turning point and a trigger that set him on a path of exploration. Vernon recalls that discovering the breadth and value of complementary therapies was like opening a door into a bright new world of possibilities.


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